Upright Pharma Refrigertor ( Drawers) ( 2*C To 8*C)

Our selection of laboratory refrigerators with drawers are equipped to keep an average temperature at +4°C while storing all different types of samples from reagents, whole blood and culture media to test samples and biologicals.

Our laboratory refrigerators with drawers are available 6 and 8 drawers adjustable sizes, all of which are designed to provide superior temperature uniformity and reliability and flexibility in handling through through their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality engineering.

Blood bags on flexible detacheable shelf can be kept to make it work as blood bank Included in our lab refrigerator offering, are units designed for various applications such as general laboratory purpose, chromatography, flammable material storage, explosion proof, blood bank and pass thru.

Salient Features

  • Completely Made Of Stainless Steel ( Grade 304 Or 316 )
  • Microprocessor Based Temp Controller With Digital Led Display And PT 100 Sensor
  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Insulation With 38 Kg/M3 Density
  • CFC Free Cooling System With Emerson Make Compressor
  • Adjustible Inner Trays Made Of SS 304 With Fluroscent Light Illumination
  • Heavy Duty PU Castors Provided For Easy Movability
  • Audio/Visual Alarms For Temperature Deviations
  • High Temp / Low Temp Cut Off Settable Thermostat
  • Microprocessor Based Data Logger With 5000 Reading Each For PC & Prnt Interface
  • Microprocessor Based Data Scanner (4 / 8 PT) RTD Sensors, Direct PC/Prnt Interface
  • Honeydew 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Software Have Audit Trials/Reports/Graphs With User Security And User Level Password.Email/SMS Alert Option Available
  • Double Vaccum Sandwich Glass

Technical Specifications

Sr. No.  Description Model No. Temp Range



Internal Size External Size



      (*C) (LTR) (CUFT) (W x D x H) in MM (W x D x H) in MM (KGS) (WATTS)
1} Upright REF (Drawers) UD 300 2 to 8 300 11 600 X 455 X1100 800 X 930 X 1805 250 400
2} Upright REF (Drawers) UD 600 2 to 8 600 21 600 X 690 X 1415 800 X 1165 X 2080 300 625