Energy And Environment

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Environmental Friendly Y ? – We Ensure To Use Only R134a And R 404a Refrigerants For The Following Reasons.

  • Refrigerants R 12 – Phased Out Since Gwp 8500 And Opd 1
  • Refrigerant R 134-Hfc – Widely Used Today Having Gwp 1300 And Opd 0
  • Refrigerant 404a – Hfc- Widely Used Today Having Gwp 3800 And Opd 0
  • Gwp- Global Warming Potential Is Relative To Carbondioxide=1
  • Opd-Ozone Depletion Potential Is Relative To R11=1

Thus We Are Ensuring That We Are Ecofriendly

Energy Efficient And Environmental Friendly Designed System

Meghdoot is committed to reducing its environmental haphazards. By monitoring every manufacturing process by a trained staff we are continuously trying to reduce the waste. As a result energy consumption year on year has not changed but reduced .

We've achieved these results through a combination of hard work, vigilance and innovative procedures. For many years we ensure to recycle scrap metal and plastic waste. All the wood we use in packing are optimally considered and any wastes are reused.

However, eco friendly approcach we are trying to apply to every single area of our operations. For example, we re-use shredded office paper for spare parts packaging

We are trying to apply same standards to liquid waste. We only use chemicals that are strictly required by our processes – and alternatives are actively sought for any that are considered harmful to man or the environment.

Our energy-saving procedures range from minimising heating by sharing office space to function-testing cabinets overnight using off-peak electricity.

Staff are encouraged to think about sustainability at all times – to switch off equipment that's not being used, to avoid unnecessary use of resources such as paper, to order products made from recycled materials, and so on.

Our transport's carbon footprint with planned deliveries and full loads are looked after.