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Liquid In Any Form Is A Very Important Ingredient Which Goes Wonderfully With Food, When Served With Food At A Right Drinkeable Temperatures It Can Work Wonders And Provide A Right Balance. This Range Ensures Balance Wrt Different Types Of Liquid Such As Water,Softdrinks,Liquor,Wine Etc

Back Bar Coolers

Deisgned With Finessee And Sophistication For Ideal Storage Of Liquid Bottles,Thus Ensuring The Visibility And Optimum Storage.

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Vissi Coolers

Designed For Bulk Storage Of Bottles ,Thus Avoiding Space Constraints Issue And Ensuring The Maintainence Of The Cold Temperature Bottles.

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Glass Chillers/Mug Froster

Designed To Support Efficient Bar Service, The Glass Chiller Series Quickly Chills Glasses Straight From The Dishwasher Ensuring Glasses Are Constantly Cold.

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Bottle Coolers

Keep your drinks chilled and your clients happy Designed to meet the heavy demands of commercial business such as restaurants, hotels, pubs and fast food outlets.

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Designed In Such A Way That You Don't Just Get Cold Water, You Also Get A Healthy Environment, For Years To Come.

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