Upright Pharma Freezer

Our selection of laboratory freezers, are equipped to store a number of samples within a variety of applications from general storage, plasma and test samples to biologicals, temperature sensitive materials, reagents and other media.

Honeydew laboratory freezers are available in 11/ 22 cubic foot capacities, all of which are designed to provide superior temperature uniformity and reliability through their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality engineering.

These auto defrost upright freezers are designed for samples that can withstand the temperature fluctuations of an automatic defrost system at an average temperature of -25°C. These freezers feature a time-initiated and temperature-terminated automatic defrost system, providing the shortest possible defrost cycle.

They come with a variety of optional features including digital temperature display and chart recorder for better temperature monitoring.

Salient Features

  • Completely Made Of Stainless Steel ( Grade 304 Or 316 )
  • Microprocessor Based Temp Controller With Digital Led Display And PT 100 Sensor
  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Insulation With 38 Kg/M3 Density
  • CFC Free Cooling System With Emerson Make Compressor
  • Adjustible Inner Trays Made Of SS 304 With Fluroscent Light Illumination
  • Heavy Duty PU Castors Provided For Easy Movability
  • Audio/Visual Alarms For Temperature Deviations
  • High Temp / Low Temp Cut Off Settable Thermostat
  • Microprocessor Based Data Logger With 5000 Reading Each For PC & Prnt Interface
  • Microprocessor Based Data Scanner (4 / 8 PT) RTD Sensors, Direct PC/Prnt Interface
  • Honeydew 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Software Have Audit Trials/Reports/Graphs With User Security And User Level Password.Email/SMS Alert Option Available
  • Double Vaccum Sandwich Glass

Technical Specifications

Sr. No.  Description Model No. Temp Range CAP CAP Internal Size External Size WT Power
      (*C) (LTR) (CUFT) (W x D x H) in MM (W x D x H) in MM (KGS) (WATTS)
1} Upright Freezer UF 300 -5 TO -25 300 11 600 X 455 X 1100 800 X 930 X 1805 200 580
2} Upright Freezer UF 600 -5 TO -25 600 21 600 X 690 X 1100 800 X 1165 X 2120 275 1000